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DeMaine Kitchen

DeMaine Kitchen was appointed January 1, 2022, by Youngstown City Council, and brings both his legislative and administrative experiences to the MVSD Board of Directors. In 2008, Mr. Kitchen was elected as the 2nd Ward Councilperson and served on several Committees of council including Finance, General Improvements, Housing & Economic Development, and C.D.A.


In 2011, he was appointed Chief of Staff to the Mayor. While serving in the capacity of Councilperson, Mr. Kitchen was always driven by programming and services that would benefit the citizens of Youngstown. He supported a safety for senior’s initiative in which he collaborated with the local YouthBuild program to help install door clubs in the homes of senior citizens to help prevent home invasions, and he started the local NLC discount prescription drug program which allows Youngstown citizens to get discounts on prescription drugs at their local CVS pharmacy. While serving as Chief of Staff, he also championed the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (C.I.R.V.) program to help reduce violence in the City. During that time, he oversaw the overhaul of the city’s demolition project as well.


In 2018, he began his term as President of Council for the City of Youngstown. While serving as President of Council, Mr. Kitchen used his leadership skills to help expand the CIRV program and add a Fatherhood Initiative component to encourage men to play an active role in the lives of their children. This ambitious program was designed to help improve students’ academic performance, stabilize our neighborhoods, reduce the incarceration rate, and create a generation of job-ready individuals.


Mr. Kitchen currently serves as Executive Director of the African American Male Wellness Agency. The mission of the agency is to increase the life expectancy of African American men in physical health, mental health, financial health, fatherhood, and research.


Mr. Kitchen is a graduate of Walsh University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. He is married to Leslie Kitchen and they have four beautiful children.

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